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How The Collaborative Divorce And Mediation Process Works

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Step 1: The Beginning

Whether you opt for a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, the first step is hiring an attorney. It is important to remember that you and your spouse must find your own lawyers to represent you. Your attorney will listen to the particulars of your case, help you understand how both collaborative divorce and mediation work and assist you in determining which one makes sense in your situation.

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Step 2: Make A Plan

Once you decide whether you want to pursue a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, our lawyer can help you take the appropriate steps for beginning the process. She can also assist you with bringing in other divorce professionals – such as child specialists or financial analysts – as needed.

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Step 3: Enter Negotiations

No matter which option you choose, you will move through the negotiation process, during which you will work out important issues – such as child custody, child support, property division and spousal support – collaboratively and with civility. If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, then you may choose to pursue litigation at that point.

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Step 4: The End

The only time you have to go to court during a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation is to finalize proceedings. Once a settlement is reached and all documents are drafted, signed and approved, you can concentrate on building the post-divorce future you deserve.

Why Hire Akiona Law, PLLC

We take a team approach to every divorce, and we work with all participating parties to craft and work toward viable solutions.

Ululani “Lani” Akiona is certified as a mediator and trained in collaborative divorce as well.

We provide clients with the tools they require to make important decisions themselves and the information they need to move forward with confidence.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ family law solution.
Let our attorney create a unique case plan tailored to your individual circumstances.

What Are The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce And Mediation?

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Staying in control:

You and your spouse – not the judge – will get to call the shots during your divorce..

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Reducing conflict:

With the guidance of professionals, you and your spouse will work together toward mutually agreeable solutions rather than fighting over important decisions.

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Making things easier for loved ones:

If you and your spouse have children, collaborating and cooperating can make it easier for them to adjust to life after divorce (and it sets a good example for them, too).

Our Testimonials

“I would recommend this firm in a heartbeat. In tough times, the firm reassured me and handled the big things along with the small. You guys have been awesome. I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. Thanks Lani and of course, all of the staff there. You guys have been top notch.”

– T.N., Everett, WA

“Thank you all for the support and guidance that you gave me these past couple years! I wouldn’t have been able to navigate this entire process without the Akiona Law team.”

– Britney, Snohomish County client

“I wanted to thank everyone at Akiona Law for helping me out with my case and helping with receiving the best representation I can possibly get. Everyone was honest, upfront, and helpful with my situation and always gave straightforward advice on how to handle each situation.”

– Cherry, Snohomish County

“The Akiona Law Team is professional, honest, reliable and knowledgeable! I’ve used them many times over the years and they’ve always helped me through my legal needs. They are responsive and provide me with information and options at every turn in my case so I feel fully informed and comfortable before taking the next step. I’d refer Akiona Law to family and friends in a heartbeat!”

– C.W.

“Everyone at Akiona Law, thank you so much for your help on my case! I so appreciate all the work that you’ve done!”

– Snohomish County, divorce client

“Going through a divorce is never easy, and mine was particularly challenging for several reasons. However, the team at Akiona Law was a beacon of support throughout the entire process.
They were incredibly patient and understanding, even when I was stressed and emotional. (Let’s just say, I wasn’t always the easiest client to deal with!) Special thanks to Beckie, the paralegal, whose calm demeanor kept me grounded during a very crazy time.
I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire Akiona Law team. They made a difficult situation much more manageable. I highly recommend!“

– Kevin, Everett, WA

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