Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Is divorce right for you? How to protect yourself at a difficult time

Most married couples understand that not every day will be easy. They will face challenges that will lead them to question whether or not they want to remain in the relationship. It is important that when these issues arise, the spouses take the time to address each other’s concerns before simply moving forward.

While many couples have developed a system of handling these matters, some couples may decide that divorce is the best option for them. Most of these spouses have no prior experience with divorce, and are left uncertain about the steps that they should be taking now that they have decided to end their marriage.

Some individuals are concerned about the amount of money that it will cost them to go through with the divorce. They want to get the matter over as quickly as possible, and fail to consider the long-range implications of the decisions that they will soon be asked to make. Because of their lack of experience with the process, they have very little knowledge about the potential harm they could be doing if they make the wrong decision.

Couples may try to handle some of the issues on their own, but it is a good idea for each spouse to work with an attorney during this part of the divorce, even if all matters are uncontested. The spouses may create child custody arrangements, but fail to consider how to address some of the important events that will happen in the child’s life. This could end up having a negative impact on the child, and lead to a breakdown in the co-parenting system that the couple may have in place.

Parties should also be very careful when finalizing any property division agreements. All marital assets and debts need to be accounted for at this point in time, and the spouses must understand how their financial situation will change post-divorce. If they give up some of their rights, they may lose the ability to pursue assets or support that they are entitled to receive.

If efforts to resolve problems in your marriage have failed, it is important that you discuss your situation with a knowledgeable family law attorney. This can be a very confusing and emotional time in your life, and you may not know what you should do to protect yourself. It can be hard to make the decisions concerning custody and property division, and you need someone to inform you of your options at this time.

An attorney will help you find agreements that meet your needs, which will allow you to focus on dealing with the stress that often accompanies most divorces. Do not make any decisions until you have learned how this will impact your life after divorce.