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Same-Sex Couples & Divorce Archives

Trends show bright future for support of same-sex marital rights

It may seem to some that we are currently living in a political climate that is less than tolerant of rights for the LGBT community. But though the ascendency of the Trump administration and Republican party may have given rise to concerns regarding the legal treatment of LGBT citizens, it should also be noted that research indicates an overall positive shift in society's attitudes.

Specific divorce terms may help Washington residents

Many Washington residents who are going through or about to go through divorce proceedings may have various ways they wish to prepare for the situation. Some individuals may find talking to their divorced friends helpful in gaining some insight, but it is important to understand that each case is different. Furthermore, friends may not have the legal knowledge that could prove useful in specific divorce cases.

Divorce could cause custody concerns for same-sex couples

When same-sex couples have children, they may be elated over the opportunity to start a family. In many cases in which two women are married, one woman will carry a child after becoming pregnant through the use of sperm donors or other means. However, if a couple goes through divorce, complications could arise concerning the custody of any children involved. 

Despite years of marriage, Washington residents may face divorce

When Washington couples marry, they likely do not enter the relationship thinking that they will get divorced. Unfortunately, even after years of marriage, divorce may be on the horizon when relationships become difficult. Celebrity chef and former Iron Chef America star Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer Cora recently found themselves in such a situation after both parties filed for divorce.

Washington residents may wish to reconsider mediation

For Washington residents who find that they no longer wish to be married, determining how to go through with divorce is likely a decision they do not take lightly. They may want to explore their options for various proceedings, such as litigation or mediation, and decide what may work best for their circumstances. For some, mediation may be a viable option, but it may not be the most popular choice.

Keeping records during divorce may help Washington residents

Taking the high road or trying to be the "bigger person" can sometimes be difficult for Washington residents, especially during tension-filled events. For many individuals, divorce proceedings can often be stressful, and this stress could lead to short tempers. However, conflict-fueled proceedings could lead to individuals facing difficult and lengthy cases that may go more smoothly if at least one party relents.

Unhealthy marriages may lead to divorce in Washington

Some Washington residents may feel that they are in an unhappy marriage. These feelings are understandable and have been felt by many individuals across the country. In some cases, parties may simply be going through a rough patch in their relationship that later gets resolved. In other situations, however, individuals may be in unhealthy relationships and may be considering divorce.

Sense of control may help Washington residents during divorce

Feeling in control can make a considerable difference in how a Washington resident feels about the situation he or she is in. When it comes to divorce, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel as if they have lost at least a bit of control due to the circumstances of their situations. However, there are certain steps that parties may be able to utilize that can help them feel as if they have a better grip on their current affairs.

New laws may lead Washington residents to criticize divorce laws

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, many individuals may be getting married for the first time while others are considering divorce. Though this court ruling affects all states, divorce laws still vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. As a result, some Washington residents may believe that it could be time to reconsider a national divorce law in the wake of the recent court ruling. 

Child Custody Issues For Same Sex Couples

Following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Windsor numerous states have lost cases where they were defending their bans against same-sex marriage, resulting in a majority of states now allowing same-sex couples to marry. In the wake of such a tidal change in marriage laws, it has been very easy to focus on celebrating those victories for equal rights. 

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