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Representation For Contentious Child Custody Disputes In Everett And Snohomish County

Child custody disputes between divorcing couples can be some of the most heated and adversarial legal issues that we handle at Akiona Law, PLLC. Despite efforts made to calm the waters through amicable and agreed/uncontested divorce solutions, clients still inevitably must deal with opposing parties who refuse to cooperate.

As a result, our experience in litigation and trial proceedings throughout Washington state family courts has helped us aggressively protect our clients in a wide range of divorce issues, particularly those related to the best interests of the children involved.

Compassionate Attorneys Who Understand What Parents Are Going Through

Child custody proceedings can be a particularly challenging endeavor when we are fighting a narcissistic parent who insists on being difficult out of spite and anger. Our team understands how eager our clients are to do the right thing for their children, and we strive to provide the levelheaded yet aggressive divorce legal services they need during this difficult time. We can help you resolve contentious child custody cases such as those that involve:

  • Denied visitation rights during initial divorce proceedings
  • Safety concerns and accusations of domestic violence and neglect
  • Unreasonable demands for parenting time that doesn’t reflect the parents’ historical division of parenting (“status quo”)

We offer representation backed by more than a decade of experience in a wide range of unique and challenging divorce cases, ranging from same-sex divorces to high-asset property division concerns. Each can easily turn into a lengthy legal battle, typically because of the opposing party’s unwillingness to behave in a responsible and ethical manner.

You Are Not Alone In The Fight; We Can Help

Any family can face these kinds of issues. Contact us online or by telephone at 425-740-2209 to arrange an initial consultation with our team of attorneys and have the opportunity to be heard. As your team, we will work with you one-on-one to answer your questions and make sure every effort is exhausted to get the results you need.