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Fighting Narcissists In Divorces In Everett And Snohomish County

At Akiona Law, PLLC, we have committed our practice to helping people divorce effectively and efficiently. A main component of this practice involves helping people get the fair and equal treatment they deserve. Perhaps no other area of our practice is as challenging in this respect as when we help clients divorce narcissists.

Divorcing The Narcissist

During a divorce, narcissists regularly display difficult behaviors apart from their legally questionable actions. These behaviors often involve a key feature of a personality disorder: everybody is wrong except them. Narcissists act out during a divorce because they are angry about losing control over their spouse. Their actions exhibit the behaviors of a master manipulator attempting to keep a good person in a bad relationship.

We regularly deal with narcissists and we know how to handle them during a divorce. Because we work one-to-one with our clients, we can give you the benefit of more than a decade of legal experience. We can help you recognize if your spouse is a narcissist and develop a strategy for dealing with the associated issues.

We will help you understand your rights and how to protect them best. We will also advise you candidly as to which legal strategies best fit your needs in a number of situations, including child-related disputes, the division of assets and going to trial if necessary to best protect your rights.

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You do not have to believe the lies your narcissistic spouse tells you anymore. Schedule an initial consultation with our firm so we can help you start the process of recovering your freedom and your peace of mind. Call 425-740-2209 or contact us online. All consultations remain confidential.