Caring For You
In Your Time Of Crisis

Dale Shishido

Office Manager
Location: Honolulu, HI
Phone: 425-740-2209

Dale is Akiona Law’s office manager who has 10 years of managing an office environment, and over 10 years of legal experience which includes Real Estate Development, Employment and Labor, and Litigation. She thrives on recognizing possibilities to further grow the firm in a productive and positive direction.

Dale holds a Certificate in Legal Secretary Studies through the State of Hawaii’s ABA Approved Legal Secretary Program, as well as Certificates of Completion for several accredited managerial courses through Fred Pryor and/or Career Track. She has the enthusiasm and inclination to help people through one of life’s most challenging experiences such as divorce.


Off the clock, Dale enjoys spending time with her friends; being outdoors in nature such as hiking, biking, or being at the beach snorkeling; or having a lazy day in bed relaxing and watching a good movie.

Dale’s focus is to maintain a steady healthy and optimistic environment in the office and keeping in alignment an open and approachable line of communication for everyone to feel comfortable to discuss any underlying concerns that may come up from time-to-time. She is also ready to offer her support in the legal divorce process to serve you.