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Making Sure Your Income Is Measured Fairly In Divorce

Many workers in the Snohomish County, Washington area have variable incomes. Did you know that a variable income can cause problems in your divorce? Whether intentional or not, it is possible that your ex’s attorney could miscalculate your obligations by wrongly measuring your income.

At Akiona Law, PLLC, in Everett, Washington, we understand the complexities of variable incomes. Rather than measuring your income at its most lucrative period, we will be sure to get the whole picture, so you receive a fair outcome.

Who We Help

There are numerous industries in Washington state that have variable incomes. If you work seasonally, or even just have a busier season that leads to stretches of consistent overtime pay, we can help protect you in divorce. We serve workers in the following industries and others:

  • Health care
  • Construction
  • Commercial fishing
  • Commission sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Restaurant

At our firm, we take a team approach to divorce and other family law matters. We know that the way your divorce is resolved can set the tone for your future. Our lawyers and office staff work together to ensure you achieve an outcome that is in your best interests.

How We Help

At our law firm, we know that just because you have a high income during one part of the year, does not mean the rest of the year is as lucrative. Unfortunately, some attorneys fail to take into account an entire year’s worth of income — focusing instead on the most profitable. Calculating child support or alimony payments based on your best time of year is unfair and unreasonable.

When you work with us, we will review your income, tax returns and W2s over the last two years. This provides an accurate picture of the income you can reasonably expect to make in the future. We will be your steadfast advocates, fighting to ensure you are treated fairly in your divorce.

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