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How do I navigate a child support-related dispute?

During a divorce proceeding in Washington, one of the biggest points of contention is usually child support, if children are involved. The non-custodial parent -- the parent who does not live with the child -- may naturally worry about an order to pay an unreasonably large percentage of his or her earnings. Meanwhile, the parent who has custody might worry about not receiving the payments he or she is legally supposed to get.

Knowing a judge's concerns can help you create a parenting plan

When negotiating a parenting plan with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there are a couple of broad goals that you are looking to achieve. First, the terms of the agreement must address the best interests of the child. Second, it is best if the agreement is clear, concise and as fair as possible to all the parties involved.

Keeping your child's best interests at heart

When you first got married, you probably never envisioned yourself standing in divorce court. Just as most other new spouses in Washington (or wherever you lived at the time) you most likely believed you and your spouse would be together the rest of your lives. Whether things slowly entered a downward spiral over time, or one sudden, unexpected major event occurred that was the catalyst for the beginning to the end of your marriage, it obviously became clear at some point that you were headed for divorce.

Self-care is important for divorced parents during the holidays

If you are a divorced parent who enjoys taking an active part in your child's life, sharing time in a joint-custody arrangement can be a challenge. You no longer have the option of just walking into his or her room anytime for a chat or to help with homework. And you may even feel a void and wonder what to do with yourself now that you are under such limitations.

A couple reasons to work with an experienced attorney in the adoption process

In our last post, we began looking in a general way at the adoption process here in Washington. As we noted last time, each adoption case involves its own unique issues, even if the general process and goal is the same. Having an experienced attorney to guide one through the process can help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Looking at the adoption process in Washington

Adoption is a big decision, regardless of the circumstances, and it is important for anybody consideration an adoption to understand the process and how an attorney can assist. There are a variety of types of adoption, and these include: those which go through the Department of Social and Health Services; those which go through private agencies; independent adoptions; and step-parent and adult adoptions.

Custody will be important issue in Pitt-Jolie divorce

Many of our readers have heard by now of the impending divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Like any couple, they celebrities care for their children, and so custody is bound to be a significant issue in their divorce. That this is the case is evident in the fact that all six of their children—including the three children the couple adopted— are listed on the petition with both celebrities listed as the mother and father.

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