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Keeping your child's best interests at heart

When you first got married, you probably never envisioned yourself standing in divorce court. Just as most other new spouses in Washington (or wherever you lived at the time) you most likely believed you and your spouse would be together the rest of your lives. Whether things slowly entered a downward spiral over time, or one sudden, unexpected major event occurred that was the catalyst for the beginning to the end of your marriage, it obviously became clear at some point that you were headed for divorce.

Tips for divorcing a controlling, self-centered spouse

He or she used to be the most attractive person you'd ever met. He or she was charming, successful, confident, alluring...until the bliss of the honeymoon wore off. Then, you discovered the truth: Your spouse was far more concerned about power than about you. His or her self-centered ambitions began to manifest as manipulation, verbal or physical abuse, exploitation and more.

Three things even the happily married should know about divorce

It may not happen to you, but it has likely happened to a friend or loved one. Divorce is a common part of our culture. Almost fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. As a result, whether you are considering divorce yourself or happily married and want to be there for your friends who are going through this difficult process, the following can help.

Should I keep a family home after a divorce?

If you're like most people, the word home is likely to stir up many strong emotions. A home is a sort of haven where you can be yourself while surrounded by the people and things that make you feel happy and comfortable. A home may also be the place where your children grew up and the scene to many important firsts in both their lives and yours.

Divorce mediation: The first step to successful co-parenting

If you and your spouse have children together and have decided to divorce, it is important to understand that your relationship will not end simply because your marriage does. Instead, it will be transformed into a different type of relationship in which you function as co-parents rather than spouses. One way to help get your co-parenting relationship off to a good start is by settling your divorce through the mediation process instead of through traditional litigation.

Bridging the disconnect between divorce and mortgage lenders

Regarding property division in a divorce proceeding, perhaps no aspect is more emotionally fraught than the issue of the family home. Many happy memories and associations may be tied to a physical space. For a spouse that gives up real property in a divorce, that agreement may come with a sense of loss.

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