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Child custody, divorce aspects may concern Washington parents

When Washington parents are going through divorce, it is likely that their children are one of their main concerns. Child custody terms are often points of negotiation that can become stressful, and if the proceedings drag on, discussing and changing terms for custody and other divorce aspects can become tiring. However, individuals likely want to remain focused on their end-goals in order to avoid terms that could prove problematic in the future.

Washington parents may worry about child custody

Divorce can be especially hard on children who may be involved. They may have many questions regarding why their parents no longer want to be married, who they will be living with and whether they are meant to love one parent more than the other. Child custody proceedings and outcomes often mean considerable changes in children's lives, and Washington parents may want to ensure that they feel comfortable.

Child custody: Back-to-school could concern Washington parents

When Washington parents go through divorce, they may decide to co-parent their children. Child custody agreements that involve co-parenting terms are often considered beneficial if the circumstances of the situation are suited for such an agreement. Certain situations after a recent divorce could potentially be difficult for children, but if parents are able to work together, children may feel more at ease.

Infidelity could cause child custody concerns in Washington

For many Washington residents, the knowledge that their spouse has been unfaithful could be enough to warrant a divorce. These types of situations can be difficult for the married individuals involved, but infidelity could also potentially affect child custody under certain circumstances. If individuals are concerned about their children in situations where a spouse has cheated, they may wish to find out more information on the subject.

Child custody agreement will impact Washington children

Some Washington residents may be concerned about how divorce will impact their children. Divorce will have significant repercussions on children as they will likely spend less time with their parents as a unit and more often with one parent or the other. When making child custody decisions, parents may want to keep the best interests of their children in mind.

Washington parents may be concerned over child custody

In recent reports, the idea of co-parenting has been displayed as possibly the best scenario when it comes to child custody. Because this custody method allows children to have time with both parents, Washington children may be better affected than if they spent the majority of their time with only one parent. However, many individuals who do co-parent may still find child custody situations difficult to handle.

How blended families can benefit kids and teens - Part II

During our last post, we began a discussion about blended families. If you are currently navigating a divorce or have recently finalized one, you may or may not be thinking ahead to the possibility of marrying again in the future. But whether this option is on your mind now or will be at some point down the road, it will hopefully comfort you to know that kids and teens can benefit in numerous ways from being a part of a blended family.

How blended families can benefit kids and teens - Part I

If you and your spouse recently decided to divorce or are questioning whether or not you should pursue a divorce, you may understandably have concerns about how your decision making will ultimately affect your children and teens. The divorce process can be temporarily traumatic for everyone affected by it. However, this trauma is indeed often temporary. In many cases, the ultimate outcomes of divorce can benefit both the adults and the children affected by the process.

The pact you may benefit from making with your co-parent

There are likely many reasons why you and your child’s other parent ultimately opted to end your romantic relationship. Bad blood may linger between you. But, for better and for worse, you remain linked by the child that you share. And it may ultimately benefit you and your child if you can move past that bad blood. It may benefit everyone involved in your co-parenting relationship if you and your co-parent make a pact that you will do your best to get along with one another.

Preparing for the ups and downs of co-parenting

When couples decide to get married or have a child, well-meaning loved ones tend to offer unsolicited advice about the road ahead. More than once, engaged couples and couples who are expecting will almost certainly hear loved ones warn that marriage and parenting are not easy endeavors. For better and for worse, co-parenting is also rarely an easy process. But like marriage and parenting in general, it is often what any given individual or couple does with the process that determines its outcome.

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