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When children benefit from divorce

Understandably, many parents worry that their decisions to divorce will negatively affect their children. In the wake of a divorce, everyone affected by it may experience hurt, anger, frustration, sadness and other negative emotions to some degree or another. But numerous studies have shown that divorce often benefits children, depending both on the circumstances surrounding the divorce itself and how their parents handle both their married and single lives.

When your co-parent is dishonest

Co-parenting can be a uniquely challenging task. Unlike most relationships, you cannot simply choose to sever ties with your co-parent if he or she behaves in ways that you disapprove of. Certainly, if your co-parent is abusive or is otherwise acting in ways that seriously compromise the best interests of the child that you share, you may consider speaking with an attorney in order to create more distance between your co-parent and both you and your child. However, if your co-parent remains a fit parent in the eyes of the court, you will need to find ways to communicate with him or her and otherwise remain connected for the sake of your child.

New Year's resolutions for blended families

The chaos of the holiday season is now behind us all. After focusing a significant amount of time on celebrating the season with loved ones, it is now time to look ahead to what the new year has in store. If you are part of a blended family, you may be concerned that certain negative patterns which influenced last year will continue to influence this year unless something changes. Thankfully, no matter how your child custody arrangements are structured, you have the power to help institute positive change within your own household.

Consider this before blending families post-divorce

Once you have divorced, you may opt to create a blended family. Blended families are increasingly common, so you will certainly not be alone in your decision to blend families. However, the exact nature of your child custody arrangements is unique to you and your child. As a result, it is important for you to approach the blending of your new family with your particular needs, priorities, obligations and values in mind.

Tempted to simply 'disappear' with your child? Think again.

Every year in America, approximately 250,000 children are the victims of parental abduction. While "abduction" sounds frighteningly close to "kidnapping" and makes most of us recoil in horror, many of the parents involved are sincerely trying to do what they believe is best.

Co-parents, it is time to start planning for the holidays

Tomorrow is Halloween. Adults and children alike will turn their attention to sweet treats and spooky fun for an evening before November dawns. November heralds the beginning of the holiday season. First, the nation will observe Thanksgiving, then winter religious holidays and finally New Year’s. While this is often a joyous season, it can also be one filled with tension.

North Carolina case illustrates limited rights of unmarried dads

A recent case from another state – North Carolina – illustrates a Catch-22 scenario in the ongoing struggle many fathers have to be recognized as important parts of their children's lives: the limited rights of unmarried biological fathers for whom paternity wasn't legally established following the birth of the child. In this unique case, the mother and father had a primarily physical relationship without the customary entanglements of holding themselves out as a couple, living together or discussing marriage.

Parenting Plan: Viva la spring break! (part 3 of 3)

Any child custody action, whether it is a divorce or unmarried people who have a child in common, involves the determination of a parenting plan. A parent plan creates a residential schedule for the parents and the child. The parenting plan establishes who the child primarily lives with, and the other's parent visitation.

Parenting Plan: Viva la spring break! (part 2 of 3)

When you have a child with someone it doesn't matter if you're divorcing or breaking up...you're going to have to talk about who gets time with the child and when. This is what a parenting plan accomplishes; establishing each parent's schedule with the child. A parenting plan gives the parents, and more importantly, the child, stability and a routine for visitation.

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