Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace



Although Beckie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she now lives on the Big Island (Hawai’i) with her two children. She never misses a chance to be out in the sun. You can most likely find her on a kayak, diving, hiking, or working in her yard when she isn’t working.

Her passions and background made her a perfect fit for Akiona Law. She planned on becoming a family law attorney when she was going to school. However, life had a different plan for Beckie. When she started a family, she set aside her plans to raise her beautiful children.

She empathizes with our clients because she experienced her own drawn-out divorce. This made her recommit to a career in family law. Beckie started working in 2018 as a paralegal in Clark County at a family law office before moving to Snohomish. Beckie excels at guiding clients through the divorce process while being honest about what they can expect.

Fun Fact: Beckie once snorkeled with a group of about 30 whale sharks off the coast of Mexico. Her dad and Beckie were out in the ocean by themselves. Because it may have been their only opportunity, they jumped off the boat and swam with them. The sharks must have really liked her dad because one “kissed” him. Well, they hit him with their tail—but it still counts. It was one of the most memorable experiences of Beckie’s life.