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Divorce details from the Jenner split

Back in October of 2013, Bruce and Kris Jenner began the process of dissolving their marriage by going their separate ways. However, despite the separation, the couple did not officially file for divorce until September of 2014, nearly a year later. This filing was made by Kris.

While one may think that these indications pointed to a lengthy divorce process—which is often the case with celebrity divorces in Hollywood—the opposite actually proved to be true. The couple moved very quickly, getting everything squared away in about three months. Some of the details of the agreement have now been revealed. Of note were the following:

— The airline miles that each has accumulated individually will stay with the party who earned them.– Neither party is going to try to get spousal support from the other.– Joint custody will be given to both parents of their child who, at 17 years old, is still a minor. Their other child is no longer a minor.– Kris is going to cover the tuition costs for the child, who goes to a private school.– Other expenses are just going to be picked up by the parent who is with the child when the expenses develop, based on the custody agreement; as such, there will not be any need for child support.– Kris also gets to keep the main family home, though Bruce can keep other properties.

If you are going through a divorce and you need to divide your assets in Washington, it may not go as smoothly as it did for the Jenners, and you must know your rights.

Source: HLN, “Jenner divorce details emerge” Luke Burke, Dec. 19, 2014