Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Our First Meeting

Choosing a law firm to help you through your family law matter can be an intimidating process. You may be nervous to make a call when you don’t know much about the people on the other end.

At Akiona Law, PLLC, in Everett, Washington, we understand that the process of picking a lawyer is difficult. We know that you might feel nervous, and why wouldn’t you? After all, the law firm you choose to represent you can have a major impact on your future. It can help if you know what to expect from the law firm you are considering.

Many people perceive lawyers to be stuffy, overly formal people who are a bit gruff and a little intimidating. That is not who we are. We have a friendly, congenial atmosphere and use humor to deflate stress. We also know there is a time to be serious, focused and detailed-oriented. Our firm is professional in the way we handle family law matters, and we treat our clients with respect, courtesy, and compassion.

What To Expect From Your First Meeting At Akiona Law, PLLC

At our firm, we feel it is important that we get to know you before we begin working on your case. When you call our office, the first thing we will do is ask to schedule an initial consultation. Your consultation will work like this:

  1. Meet your team. We take a team approach to family law. Each of our attorneys and office staff brings something different to the table. By working together, we make sure we consider every possible solution to your issue. This allows us to choose the solution that best fits your goals.
  2. Tell us your story. At our firm, we listen first. We know that the only way to effectively resolve your matter is to learn the details of your situation. We will also ask about your goals and desired outcome, so we know what we should be working toward.
  3. Answer a few questions. To better understand how to help you, we will ask you a few questions about your current situation. Depending on what legal matter you are dealing with, we may want to know about your family’s financial situation or the details of a restraining order that was taken out against you. If you have access to financial records or other relevant paperwork, it can be helpful to bring that with you.
  4. Create a roadmap. By the end of your first meeting, we hope to provide you with a roadmap of your divorce or other family law matter. Our goal is to help you better understand what to expect from the process ahead of you, and to find a solution that you are comfortable with. We typically handle family law cases through negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce. If that does not fit well with your situation, we will let you know right away.

We Are Ready To Help You. Call Us Today To Schedule Your Consultation.

To arrange a time to meet with your family law team, please call our office at 425-740-2209. You may also reach us by filling out an online contact form. We represent people from the Everett (Snohomish County) and Seattle (King County) areas.