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Everett Attorney Providing Representation In Military Divorce Cases

The complications involved in divorce increase exponentially when one or both of the couples are involved with the armed forces. If you are facing a military divorce in Washington state, we can help.

Representing Soldiers, Officers And Their Spouses In Divorce

We here at Akiona Law, PLLC handle numerous military divorces, including Army divorces, Air Force divorces, Navy divorces, Coast Guard divorces and Marine divorces. Our Everett military divorce team is well versed in the legal complications that military divorces bring. We can help you with a wide range of military divorce matters, including:

Division of assets: One of the most significant challenges in military divorce is the calculation of income, because there are different calculations to be made and different factors to consider in military divorce.

Child support: Because of the different income-related factors, child support calculations are complicated in military divorce, as well.

Child custody: When one or both of the parents are on active or reserved duty, Washington state child custody courts may allow the active duty military service member to delegate his or her residential time or visitation rights to a child’s family member, including a stepparent.

We have experience helping clients divide military pensions and other military benefits in divorces. We utilize CR2A settlement agreements and mediation to help minimize stress and cost for our clients.

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