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Protecting The Best Interests Of Children In Everett And Snohomish County

Your child is not only your top priority, it is that of the judge in family court as well. Any rulings a judge makes with regard to child custody and parenting time come back to whether or not the child will benefit from those decisions. Gone are the days of primary custody automatically going to the mother in divorce proceedings. Family courts are predisposed to preserve relationships between both parents and the child.

At Akiona Law, PLLC, we can help you make decisions with the best interests of your child(ren) in mind, whether that involves questions of joint custody versus sole custody, physical custody versus legal custody, initial divorce proceedings or post-divorce modifications.

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What Constitutes The “Best Interests Of The Child”?

Every child has different needs during divorce proceedings. The court will consider information presented about:

  • Familial relationships that affect the child’s emotional well-being, including those between biological parents and child, grandparents and child, siblings and extended family members
  • Stability offered in different settings, which could include whether or not certain custody rulings will cause the child to be uprooted from his or her existing social group
  • The ability of each parent to provide proper living standards with adequate food, clothing, shelter and safety
  • Mental, physical and emotional needs of the child, and the parent’s mental, physical and emotional capacity to meet those needs
  • Safety issues such as those related to domestic violence, abuse and neglect

It is important that during this emotional time, you remain well informed and cognizant of the objective nature of divorce proceedings. A judge in family court is motivated to make objective decisions, so it is best to work with a lawyer who can present information about your case in that manner.

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