Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace


The following are some articles that provide a more in-depth look at various family law topics. To find out more about your legal options regarding your particular situation, contact us online or call 425-740-2209 for an initial consultation at our Everett law office.

How to prepare for a non-confrontational divorce process: Divorce tends to be difficult and that difficulty is sometimes exacerbated by a confrontational litigation process.

Older Americans ending their marriages at a record pace: Research has shown that older couples are divorcing at an exponentially higher rate than other age groups. While theories abound as to why this is occurring, it is important to protect your rights with the help of an experienced attorney, especially when a marriage of decades or longer is coming to an end.

Mediation helps ease the pain of divorce for many in Washington: Mediation enables couples to reach a divorce agreement on their own terms without having to go through the adversarial court system.

Is divorce right for you? How to protect yourself at a difficult time: Even marriages that appear to be perfect have their bad periods. If you feel that there is no other option left for you other than divorce, it is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side to help guide you through this transitional process.

The benefits of marital contracts: Many people feel that prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are only for the very wealthy. Others are concerned that entering into a marital contract means that their spouse is untrustworthy or that the marriage is doomed to fail. The fact is, prenuptial agreements can be a useful tool for couples of any income and they are best thought of as a type of insurance policy. You will hope that you will never have to act on it, but should the unthinkable occur you will know that you are protected.

Child support changes in Washington State: Child support laws differ from state to state. However, these laws cannot conflict with federal or international laws. Recent changes have been made to the child support laws in Washington and it is important to keep these changes in mind no matter which side you are on in a child support matter.

Coparenting during COVID-19: All your questions answered: The pandemic is tough on parents. Turn to our article for tips on coparenting tips.