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Spousal Support And Alimony Payments In King County And Snohomish County

If you have been married for many years and have put aside your career plans, needing to become self-supporting can be very frightening. And if you believe your soon-to-be ex-spouse is wrongly hiding assets in an effort to obtain support, it can be infuriating.

At our law firm, Akiona Law, PLLC, we help clients with alimony issues throughout Everett and Seattle. We represent men and women seeking spousal support as well as those who have been asked to pay support. Our team helps clients get through difficult situations by developing creative solutions and seeking outcomes that work.

In many cases, we are able to pursue a positive outcome by using mediation, negotiation or collaborative divorce. These methods have advantages over traditional courtroom litigation. They are typically faster, less expensive and much more relaxed than a trial. Additionally, because they are not adversarial processes, there is less reason for the parties to be caught in an endless loop of arguments. They do happen, of course, but not with the frequency and fervor of people in a court battle. Speak with our attorneys and we can explain how these methods may help you sort out your disagreements.

No Guarantee In Washington

Spousal support, also known as spousal maintenance and alimony, is not automatic in Washington. There are several factors that go into an alimony award, including the length of the marriage, the other party’s ability to pay maintenance, the standard of living during the marriage, how long it will take for the receiving spouse to become self-supporting, age of the parties, and physical and emotional status.

Because nothing is set in stone, it is important to work with a lawyer who not only has experience, but who is also willing to fight for your best interests. At our firm, you won’t get just one experienced attorney — you will receive a team of support, which is our attorneys and helpful office staff. We believe that combining our knowledge is the best way to get you the outcome you need and deserve.

How Is Alimony Decided?

A spousal support award is dependent on the social and financial circumstances of both parties. If one party has a need but the other is unable to pay, the court will probably not make an alimony award. However, even for those marriages of short duration, often less than five years, the court may still order temporary alimony if one spouse has a need and the other has the ability to pay. We advise clients about their options and the probable outcomes of their spousal support request based on the particular set of circumstances in his or her divorce case.

We answer client questions about the probability of receiving or paying support. No matter which side you are on, worrying about money creates significant anxiety. We believe that having all the information you need about alimony can reduce your stress and help you understand the court’s perspective on this intricate puzzle piece in your divorce. You can also reduce your stress level by choosing mediation or negotiation instead of going to court. We can provide you with the representation you need to get through this issue as amicably as possible.

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