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Modifying Child Support Obligations In Everett And Snohomish County

Circumstances change for everyone at different times. A child support arrangement can work perfectly for many years after a divorce, only to be rendered obsolete as a result of one instant change in one of the parent’s circumstances.

At Akiona Law, PLLC, our team of attorneys helps clients throughout Washington with every aspect of the child support modification process. We offer powerful, skilled and detailed legal representation focused on finding the best results through the most efficient process for all of our clients, which often means using alternative dispute resolution.

Instead of taking this contentious matter to court, you can try working together to resolve the issue through negotiations, mediation or collaborative law. People often find that in addition to being faster than traditional litigation, these methods are less expensive and less adversarial. We will work with you to reach an agreement that is fair to both parties.

Causes For Support Modifications

The court does intend for initial divorce decrees to be binding and permanent. Although the court is willing to modify child support judgments and agreements, it will typically require a substantial change in circumstances to legitimize the modification.

Some examples of substantial changes in circumstances include:

Loss of earning capacity of the supporting parent: Job loss, serious illness or injury, disability or other negative cause can prevent the support parent from being able to maintain the same level of financial support for the children.

Increase in the costs associated with raising the children: The costs of raising a child can go up; such as, when the child’s age places the child in a higher bracket for child support or the child is 18 but support needs to be extended so the child can complete high school. A child going off to college is another reason why the child support order may need to be changed to reflect the child’s need for postsecondary support.

Modification in the parenting plan: When the parties alter the parenting plan/child custody arrangement, like when the child is living with the nonprimary residential parent or the non-custodial parent. Or when the parent who had primary custody relocates and one parent is paying for all the airfare costs. That may change the level of support, requiring a modification in the child support arrangement.

Using negotiation or mediation, our team can help you come to a prearranged child support modification agreement and present your petition to the court.

Finding Peace With Child Support Modifications

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