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Your family’s circumstances at the time of initial divorce proceedings will be reflected in your divorce agreements, but what happens when those circumstances change? You or your spouse may get remarried. You may get a new job. You may move out of state or have a dramatic change in living standards.

As your life changes, so should spousal maintenance (also known as spousal support or alimony). At Akiona Law, PLLC, our team can help you make upward or downward modifications to these agreements so that your financial stability is protected even years after your divorce is finalized.

It Is Better To Modify Agreements Than Fail To Meet Your Obligations

Remember your support agreements are a legal obligation. If you fail to make court-ordered support payments, you could face serious consequences. It is always best to bring forward information about financial hardships or increases in wealth that may influence your ability to meet your legal obligations.

Upward modifications of spousal maintenance may be made if the supported spouse’s contributions during marriage facilitated the paying spouse’s earning potential, and the paying spouse has experienced a substantial increase in income, or if the supported spouse has developed increased needs (such as those related to health care or employment issues).

Downward modifications of spousal maintenance may be made if the supporting spouse has experienced financial hardships (such as those related to job loss or health care issues), or if the supported spouse remarries and/or otherwise has a substantial increase in income or living standards.

Spousal support is often a highly contentious issue for divorced couples because one party may feel like he or she is being taken advantage of in the process. It is important to keep a level head during these proceedings and as your divorce team, we can help you do so. We will take the time to advise you of your rights and responsibilities and the ways different decisions can affect you differently.

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