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Modifying Child Custody In Everett And Snohomish County

If you or your ex-spouse or ex-partner has experienced some substantial change in financial circumstances, it can alter your ability to care for your children. In these situations, you will likely think about the divorce decree, where every detail of your child custody arrangement has been neatly arranged and serving everyone well for years. If you need to modify your child custody arrangements to better serve the reality of your changing situation, we can help.

Our focus is on assisting people with alternative methods of dispute resolution. Traditional litigation is very costly and typically takes longer than negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce. Choosing these methods can reduce everyone’s stress and anxiety, including the children. Find out how we can help you get through a custody modification as smoothly as possible.

When Life’s Circumstances Change

At Akiona Law, PLLC, we represent clients in divorce, legal separation and divorce modifications in Washington. Similar to child support modifications, child custody modifications generally require a substantial change in circumstances before the court will agree. This usually involves:

Illnesses and injuries: If one of the parents has suffered an injury or illness, or the child has developed a medical condition, it can substantially alter the circumstances of providing child care.

Drug and alcohol abuse: If substance abuse affects a parent’s ability to properly care for a child, a modification may be necessary.

Change in residence/custodial status: If an informal change in arrangements has taken place such as when children have been living with the non-primary parent for some time already, a modification can make the change official.

Helping With Relocation Issues

The most common reason for child custody modifications is the need to relocate. This is usually caused by a work change or other factor outside of the party’s control. A relocation can be a complex matter to work out and conflicts are common in relocation child custody modification proceedings.

As a parent, our founding attorney Ululani “Lani” Akiona, knows that spending time with your children is important to you. We work hard to help you maintain your relationship with your children when a relocation is involved. Negotiation and mediation can be useful tools to help you come to a mutually agreeable long distance parenting plan satisfactory for all parties as they transition living in different states. This approach is generally far more efficient than traditional litigation and it helps our clients maintain the working relationships they need long after the negotiations are over.

Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities In Relocation Cases

We invite you to contact us to discuss your options for modifying your child custody arrangement. You can call our office at 425-740-2209 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with your team. We take clients from the Everett and Seattle and King County areas.