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Child Custody And Parenting Time Assistance In Everett And Snohomish County

The legal battle in a divorce is between you and your spouse, but children can also suffer significant consequences. Single-parent households often mean older children take on more parenting roles for younger kids. The emotional burden that instability at home places on their shoulders can also cause behavioral problems at school.

Helping You While Keeping Your Children’s Best Interests In Mind

As you go through complex issues with your family, make sure to keep the best interests of the children involved at the top of your mind. This will also be the court’s focus when making decisions about child custody, parental rights and child support. You need to work with a lawyer who understands how the law will influence your case and will emphasize the importance of children’s issues in divorce.

As a mother herself, our founding attorney Lani Akiona understands the challenges you face as a parent trying to provide the most stable and happy home life for your kids. At Akiona Law, PLLC, we will pursue opportunities for amicable and cooperative settlements when possible, but are always prepared to aggressively advocate for our clients in contentious child custody and divorce issues.

Child Custody Outside Of Marriage

Families take many forms. Some children are raised by grandparents or extended family members and who need help pursuing third-party custody. Other children have unmarried parents who still must deal with divorce-related issues because they have a child in common. Whether you are a same-sex couple with unique child custody concerns or just need to make sure you have the legal right to care for a child who needs you, we can help.

Everyone at our office in Everett, Washington, is committed to helping families overcome divorce and child custody issues with minimal stress and a limited impact on their finances.

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