Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Processing the experience of divorce

Each individual processes the challenges of life in unique ways. It is therefore unsurprising that each individual who weathers the storms of divorce processes them in his or her own way. There is no one “right” way to process the emotions that divorce inspires. However, as we have discussed in previous blog posts, it is vitally important that you process these emotions in healthy ways. Stuffing emotions, denying them and processing them in unhealthy ways can negatively impact not only your divorce process but your future wellbeing as well.

As you attempt to process the experience of divorce, consider thinking back to other challenging times in your life. How did you process those times? Were these processing methods effective? Also consider what feelings are overwhelming you most right now. If you are primarily exhausted, consider simplifying your life so that you can carve out significant time for rest and renewal. If you are primarily furious, consider putting in time at the gym every day. Running, kickboxing and yoga can all serve as aids to help you process this anger in healthy ways.

No matter how you choose to process the negative emotions that your divorce has inspired, trust that you will come to find peace in time as long as you continue to process your feelings consistently and in healthy ways. There is no way of knowing exactly when you will begin to find a renewed sense of peace, but consistent healthy efforts and the passage of time almost certainly ensures that you will find it eventually.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Why Do I Write About My Divorce?” Jessica Kahan, April 17, 2015