Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

How pop culture has recently changed perceptions of divorce

Pop culture tends to dramatically influence Americans’ perceptions related to a host of political, economic and social issues. It is therefore important to not only pay attention to pop culture trends but to understand the ways in which these trends may be influencing the American experience for better or for worse.

For example, numerous pop culture influences have been affecting the ways that Americans view divorce. Over the past decade, these significant influences have painted the process of divorce as an experience to be embraced and learned from if divorce is ultimately the healthiest choice for an individual and/or that individual’s family.

Have you seen this year’s Oscar frontrunner “Boyhood”? Have you seen or read “Eat, Pray, Love”? These two stories explore divorce and the process of healing from divorce in complex and truly human vantage points. Instead of vilifying the process or placing it on some sort of pedestal, these popular films and the memoir that inspired one of them have helped Americans connect with divorce on a truly personal level.

In addition, divorce “albums” released by popular artists like Katy Perry and unique divorce announcements made by superstars like Gwyneth Paltrow have inspired many Americans to communicate about divorce and express their feelings about the process in new ways.

Not every pop culture trend related to divorce is positive. But many that have occurred in recent years have been surprisingly freeing. If you are struggling with certain aspects of the divorce process, consider asking yourself what social influences may be contributing to your frustration. It is possible that certain pop culture references and pieces may help you feel less tense and alone if you allow them to.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Pop Culture Moments That Changed The Way We View Divorce,” Brittany Wong, May 7, 2015