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Disrespect, lack of trust could lead to divorce in Washington

There are many factors that play roles in whether a marriage is healthy. Unfortunately, not all Washington residents may be in healthy relationships, and certain situations may lead them to consider getting a divorce. Coming to such a decision can be difficult for any individual, but if his or her relationship is more harmful than healthy, the decision may be a beneficial one to make.

If a partner is not being treated with respect, the relationship could be considered harmful. By not respecting one another, parties may be less likely to listen to the other’s opinions on certain matters, and as a result, disagreements may go unresolved. A lack of respect could also potentially lead to one or both partners treating the other negatively and causing emotional hardships.

Another sign of an unhealthy marriage is if one or both partners are overly possessive. If an individual demands to know where the other party is going or who he or she has been talking to, it may point to control and trust issues. Excessive control and lack of trust can undermine the foundational support that needs to be present in a happy and successful marriage.

Though individuals may have once believed that their spouse was the perfect partner, people can reveal different sides of themselves as time goes on. If issues are not addressed and successfully resolved, Washington residents may begin to feel as if the relationship is not a positive one. If parties are considering divorce, information on such proceedings may help them feel more comfortable in taking the steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Source: The Huffington Post, “6 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Marriage“, Rosalind Sedacca, July 6, 2015