Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Three things even the happily married should know about divorce

It may not happen to you, but it has likely happened to a friend or loved one. Divorce is a common part of our culture. Almost fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. As a result, whether you are considering divorce yourself or happily married and want to be there for your friends who are going through this difficult process, the following can help.

Divorce is a second chance

People get divorced for a reason. Whether that reason is the result of one spouse’s infidelity or simply growing apart, there is a reason for the split. The transition from married life to single life is difficult, but it is a second chance. Each party to the divorce has a second chance to start their lives. Divorce gives you an opportunity to review the marriage, to determine what went wrong, learn from the mistakes and move on.

Divorce is a club

As noted in the statistic above, almost fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. If you are getting a divorce, you are not alone. A recent piece in the Huffington Post addressed this topic, noting that divorce is like a club. Once you go through a divorce you have a sense of kinship with those who share the same experience.

Divorce is a time for growth

Although you are getting divorced for a reason, it is not easy. Those going through a divorce, amicable or contentious, will experience some bumps. Issues regarding property division or child custody arrangements can spring up at any time. It is important to keep your priorities in mind. Do not let the process be too overwhelming. Do not agree to things simply to move on. This can be an opportunity to strengthen you dedication to those priorities.

Those who feel their priorities are challenged or who simply wish to better ensure that they receive the best possible outcome during their divorce are wise to seek legal counsel. An attorney can help advocate for you, working to better ensure that the final divorce settlement is a reflection of your priorities.