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Larry King takes sons’ advice and files for divorce

If you have adult children, you may discuss personal matters with them from time to time, such as issues regarding business, politics or marriage. In fact, you might be one of many Washington parents who considers his or her adult children viable sources of advice. Hollywood star Larry King apparently takes his own sons’ advice to heart. They are ages 19 and 20 and reportedly recently influenced their father’s decision to file for divorce from their mother.

King has had some health problems and was recently hospitalized for a while. During his stay, his wife allegedly brought legal documents to the hospital for him to sign. His sons were reportedly upset, telling their father that their mother was trying to gain certain property rights and rob them of their inheritance. In light of this, they purportedly urged their dad to file for divorce.

You may relate to these issues

It’s not the first time the Kings have had marital problems. In fact, some years ago, King filed for divorce but reconciled with his seventh wife before proceedings began. If you have experienced feelings of betrayal and contention in your relationship due to your spouse’s infidelity, you might relate to King’s situation, as this has reportedly been a repeated problem in his marriage.

The inheritance issue is also a common factor in many gray divorces, which is how most people today refer to divorce after age 50. King has been married to his current wife for more than 20 years. Most people his age have amassed savings, investments and other assets that become key factors in proceedings if they file for divorce.

Why it’s important to seek support

Washington is a community property state, meaning the court typically splits marital assets 50/50 between spouses. Even if you are well-versed in financial issues, business transactions or investments, you may not have the legal background needed to sufficiently navigate property proceedings in divorce.

Celebrities like Larry King usually rely heavily on experienced family law attorneys to protect their rights and financial interests in divorce. In states that operate under community property laws, spouses often try to hide assets to keep them from being subject to division. This is illegal, and if you suspect your spouse is doing this, you can immediately bring the matter to the court’s attention because judges do not look favorably on those who try to beat the system for their own financial gain.