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Parenting Plan: Viva la spring break! (part 2 of 3)

When you have a child with someone it doesn’t matter if you’re divorcing or breaking up…you’re going to have to talk about who gets time with the child and when. This is what a parenting plan accomplishes; establishing each parent’s schedule with the child. A parenting plan gives the parents, and more importantly, the child, stability and a routine for visitation.

A parenting plan should also include a schedule for school breaks, such as, spring break. When creating the parenting plan’s spring break schedule, part one discussed parties alternating the spring break on an even/odd basis. An alternative to alternating spring break on an annual basis is to split the break evenly.

For example, the parent who has the children for the weekend preceding spring break has the kids for the first part of the break. Wednesday, the midpoint part of the break, is the day the parents exchange the kids. The other parent gets the kids for the second part of the break and the attached weekend since the other parent is supposed to get that weekend anyway.

Here is sample language of parents splitting the spring break evenly.

The children’s Spring Break shall be evenly divided with the exchange occurring at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. The first part of the Spring Break the children shall reside with the parent they are normally scheduled to reside with that preceding weekend, and the latter part of the week the children shall reside with the parent they are normally scheduled to reside with the following weekend.

This is part two of a three part series on creating a spring break schedule. The next post still divides the spring break evenly between the parties, but the language is worded differently. No way is right or wrong, it’s a matter of personal preference. AKIONA LAW, PLLC makes the information and materials on this blog available for general informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to be legal advice. See DISCLAIMER.