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Embracing Peace

Navigating the holidays during and post-divorce

Many Americans are currently counting down the days until the holidays begin in earnest. Other Americans are counting the days until the holiday season is over. If you are currently weathering a divorce or have recently finalized one, you may be one of those counting the days until the holidays are over. The holidays can certainly be rough for individuals who are being directly affected by divorce. However, there are ways to make the season less stressful, even for those who would rather say “Humbug” than celebrate this particular year.

First, it is important to understand that it is okay to do whatever you need to do, within reason, to make it through the holidays. If you need to take this year off from parties and gatherings in favor of celebrating by binge-watching television in your pajamas with your best friend by your side, that is okay. This year does not need to mirror years past in order to be “successful.”

Second, treat yourself the way you would treat others in your situation. If you would be patient and understanding with loved ones going through a painful transition, treat yourself with patience and understanding. Too often we do not treat ourselves with the same kinds of respect and consideration that we treat others with. ‘Tis the season for love and compassion. You are deserving of self-love and self-compassion right now.

Finally, if you have kids who are concerned about missing out on old family traditions, consider making new ones. The magic of the season can manifest itself in any number of new ways.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Holiday Magic–When You’re Coping With Separation & Divorce,” Sharon Zarozny, Dec. 11, 2014