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January 2015 Archives

Divorcing after you have been cheated on

When two people vow to spend their lives together, they likely understand that the process of marital commitment will not always be easy. It is for precisely this reason that traditional wedding vows bind a couple together for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health. The vows themselves explore the idea that marriage has its ups and downs and by committing to each other, a couple acknowledges this reality. However, few individuals foresee that the person they are committing themselves to will ever truly betray them. And oftentimes, betrayal serves as very understandable grounds for divorce.

When your co-parent is dishonest

Co-parenting can be a uniquely challenging task. Unlike most relationships, you cannot simply choose to sever ties with your co-parent if he or she behaves in ways that you disapprove of. Certainly, if your co-parent is abusive or is otherwise acting in ways that seriously compromise the best interests of the child that you share, you may consider speaking with an attorney in order to create more distance between your co-parent and both you and your child. However, if your co-parent remains a fit parent in the eyes of the court, you will need to find ways to communicate with him or her and otherwise remain connected for the sake of your child.

Financial challenges to address after your divorce is finalized

The stresses and challenges associated with the divorce processes do not cease at the moment that one’s divorce is finalized. It therefore helps to think of divorce as a life transition as opposed to simply the process by which a couple legally dissolves their marriage. Once a divorce is finalized, several financial realities need to be addressed before newly single individuals can truly put their divorce processes behind them in significant ways.

New Year's resolutions for blended families

The chaos of the holiday season is now behind us all. After focusing a significant amount of time on celebrating the season with loved ones, it is now time to look ahead to what the new year has in store. If you are part of a blended family, you may be concerned that certain negative patterns which influenced last year will continue to influence this year unless something changes. Thankfully, no matter how your child custody arrangements are structured, you have the power to help institute positive change within your own household.

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