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Child custody: Back-to-school could concern Washington parents

When Washington parents go through divorce, they may decide to co-parent their children. Child custody agreements that involve co-parenting terms are often considered beneficial if the circumstances of the situation are suited for such an agreement. Certain situations after a recent divorce could potentially be difficult for children, but if parents are able to work together, children may feel more at ease.

Back-to-school events may cause some children to experience apprehension if their parents have recently divorced. They may wonder who will be taking them to school or picking them up and with whom they will be able to share the events of their day. However, some parents who choose to co-parent may wish to make the situation as easy as possible for their children by dropping children off at school together.

Additionally, co-parents may be able to work together on other back-to-school aspects as well. Splitting the costs of school supplies, attending parent-teacher meetings together and keeping each other in the loop may help the parents involved adjust to the transition more easily. Keeping open communication between parents when they are unable to attend events together could also be beneficial.

Of course, each child custody situation is unique to the families involved. If parents are concerned about their children as they move into new stages of life-after-divorce, they may want to ensure that their custody situation is working toward the well-being of their children. Information on co-parenting, custody modifications and related issues could help Washington parents feel more comfortable with their decisions.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents“, Brittany Wong, Aug. 24, 2015