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Sense of control may help Washington residents during divorce

Feeling in control can make a considerable difference in how a Washington resident feels about the situation he or she is in. When it comes to divorce, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel as if they have lost at least a bit of control due to the circumstances of their situations. However, there are certain steps that parties may be able to utilize that can help them feel as if they have a better grip on their current affairs.

One step that individuals may wish to consider is making a divorce statement. This action is most often seen used by celebrity couples who have decided to split. The parties will make separate or combined statements announcing their separation and, often, their desire for privacy. This type of announcement does not necessarily have to be kept to celebrity couples alone.

Individuals can often face rumors and probing questions, and, therefore, putting information out in the way that the parties feel comfortable with can potentially make for a positive beginning to the divorce process. Parties can send out messages individually or update friends and family in mass by utilizing social media or other outlets. By possibly distancing themselves from speculation, parties may feel that they can move forward with their divorce process with their minds on important matters.

Once individuals feel they have focus and control, they may be better able to make decisions that are best for their circumstances. Washington residents may be able to determine how to work toward property division and custody terms that they are most comfortable with by gaining more knowledge on those topics. Gathering information can help parties better understand the divorce proceedings and, again, gain a sense of control.

Source: The Huffington Post, “What Do Celebrity Divorces Have That We Don’t… But Should?“, Karen Covy, Aug. 12, 2015