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Washington parents may worry about child custody

Divorce can be especially hard on children who may be involved. They may have many questions regarding why their parents no longer want to be married, who they will be living with and whether they are meant to love one parent more than the other. Child custody proceedings and outcomes often mean considerable changes in children’s lives, and Washington parents may want to ensure that they feel comfortable.

One way parents can help children after divorce is to remind them of happy times before the divorce took place. This action may help them to understand that the family, including the former spouse, is important and that it is fine for children to remember being happy. Talking about memories before the divorce may also help children understand that they do not have to pick one parent over the other since happy memories were shared with both parents.

Keeping photographs of the family that include the ex spouse may also lessen the likelihood of a child feeling the need to choose between parents. Children may want to put these pictures in their rooms or just occasionally look at them. Either way, having them available can help children understand that they are still a part of a family, even if their parents are no longer married. 

Parents who are concerned about how their children will handle a divorce typically want to ensure that the child custody outcomes are in the children’s best interests. Some Washington parents may find co-parenting an option to consider that could potentially benefit their children. Because each case is different, parents should assess their family’s state of affairs and work toward custody decisions that are best suited to them.

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