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Child support modification may interest Washington parents

Many Washington residents know that celebrities are not immune from facing family problems. Even if celebrity couples divorce, they may still encounter issues surrounding child support that they would like to address. Recently, it was reported that Katie Holmes may be taking steps to have her child support payments from ex-husband Tom Cruise modified.

Apparently, Holmes receives approximately $400,000 a year in child support from Cruise. Reports indicated that she may begin vying for an increase in that amount in order to better support the lifestyle of her daughter, Suri. Holmes has apparently been taking acting opportunities when available, but her income does not allow her to support Suri in the same manner that Cruise’s income allowed. 

In the report, a source stated that Suri’s needs have changed and will change as she continues to get older, and additional child support could help in handling the expenses that come along with new hobbies, clothes, tutors and other aspects of the young girl’s life. It is possible that Holmes will take Cruise to court in order to seek the modifications she apparently desires. It is unclear, however, how she may truly approach the situation.

As this case shows, divorce can considerably impact a parent’s ability to maintain a lifestyle that his or her child was used to while the parents were still married. If, like Holmes, Washington parents feel that additional child support may help better care for their children, they may also wish to find out more about support agreement modifications. Information from reliable resources may be able to help interested parties determine how to proceed with such action.

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