Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Keeping records during divorce may help Washington residents

Taking the high road or trying to be the “bigger person” can sometimes be difficult for Washington residents, especially during tension-filled events. For many individuals, divorce proceedings can often be stressful, and this stress could lead to short tempers. However, conflict-fueled proceedings could lead to individuals facing difficult and lengthy cases that may go more smoothly if at least one party relents.

Because many individuals who are going through divorce have been married for some time, it is likely that each party knows which actions can get a rise out of the other. If one party is feeling particularly hurt, he or she may follow through with harsh words or actions in attempt to hurt the other party. Unfortunately, these actions can lead to arguments that may result in prolonged court cases. If one individual chooses not to engage in such actions, that party may be able to help the proceedings move along.

Additionally, if one party begins to harass the other individual, that individual may wish to keep records of the harassment. Such actions could potentially come into play later if the case goes to court for settlement. By keeping a record, the harassed individual will have evidence that could be presented during the case.

For some individuals, divorce may go more smoothly than others. For those who are facing a more difficult process, the predicament may seem overwhelming and never ending. However, if a Washington resident approaches his or her divorce armed with a level head and reliable information as to how the negative actions of the other party could affect the case, he or she may feel more confident as the case proceeds.

Source: The Huffington Post, “3 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Divorce“, Jason Levoy, Sept. 29, 2015