Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Washington residents may consider mediation during divorce

When an individual is married to a person who is self-centered and controlling, those personality traits could potentially contribute to the desire for divorce. Washington residents may worry that separation will not go as they hope due to the potential manipulation of their spouses. In some cases, mediation may still be an option to consider, even with a difficult party involved.

There are various divorce mediators from which interested parties can choose, and there are likely some who are experienced in dealing with controlling parties. By having an experienced mediator, negotiation tactics may be able to be implemented that could help reduce the chance of one party trying to veer from the structure of the divorce plan. Additionally, an experienced family law attorney could also be helpful during the process.

Of course, if someone is truly attempting to make the process more difficult just to spite or control the other party, litigation may be the end result. Even if the divorce does come to this point, individuals can still take action to reduce the control of the other party. By gathering financial documents and written communications, an individual may be able to maintain records that could come in handy during litigation proceedings.

If Washington residents are concerned about their divorce processes, they may want to determine whether mediation or litigation could best suit their cases. Information on both types of proceedings are available and discussing the options with legal counsel may help during the decision making process. Knowing they have options could potentially help concerned parties feel more confident about their divorces.

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