Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Despite years of marriage, Washington residents may face divorce

When Washington couples marry, they likely do not enter the relationship thinking that they will get divorced. Unfortunately, even after years of marriage, divorce may be on the horizon when relationships become difficult. Celebrity chef and former Iron Chef America star Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer Cora recently found themselves in such a situation after both parties filed for divorce.

Reportedly, the couple was together for over 15 years and have four sons. A statement released on behalf of Cat Cora indicated that the decision to separate was mutual, though it was done with “great sadness.” She also stated that they were determined to raise their sons in a peaceful and healthy environment. Two of the boys are 6 years old, another is 8 and the oldest is 11.

Cat Cora’s statement indicated that she wants joint custody of the boys. Reportedly, Jennifer Cora is requesting full physical custody of them. As a consequence, there could potentially be custody issues, and negotiations may need to be made during the divorce proceedings. In addition to custody of the children, Jennifer Cora is also apparently seeking alimony.

It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise during divorce proceedings, especially when it comes to child custody. However, many parties may be able to express their desires and negotiate the terms of their agreements peacefully. If Washington residents are in a similar situation and hope to come to preferable terms, consulting with an experienced divorce attorney may be helpful in determining the best manner in which to move forward.

Source:, “Cat Cora, wife Jennifer headed for divorce“, Annie Martin, Nov. 10, 2015