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Older Washington residents may be contemplating divorce

The desire to end a marriage could come at any point during a Washington resident’s life. It was recently reported that it is becoming increasingly more common for individuals in their older years to divorce. Some individuals suggest that this increase could be due to older individuals being on their second marriages, and issues that occasionally come along with additional marriages may lead to stress that, in turn, leads to divorce.

The life expectancy of individuals may also play a role in the increase. Many individuals are living longer lives, and as a result, older parties may begin to contemplate whether they would like to continue living the rest of their lives in a less-than-happy relationship. Parties who are in their 50s or 60s may not wish to remain in a marriage for decades longer.

It was also noted that more women are initiating the divorce process. Reports stated that for individuals over the age of 40, approximately 60 percent of divorce cases were initiated by women. This increase could be due to the changing roles of women in various life capacities, and these individuals may feel more empowered to work toward their own happiness than stay in an unsatisfying relationship.

Divorce at any age can cause considerable upsets in a person’s life, even if he or she initiated it. Therefore, it may be helpful to understand the divorce process and the changes that could be expected during and after the proceedings. Washington residents who are looking to move forward with divorce may want to explore their options and determine what steps may be best for them.

Source: The New York Times, “After Full Lives Together, More Older Couples Are Divorcing“, Abby Ellin, Oct. 30, 2015