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December 2015 Archives

Child support, other factors could impact Washington finances

The financial aspects of divorce proceedings may be a main focus for many Washington residents. Finances can be affected by legal costs, alimony, property division and child support, if the couple have children. Determining just how a person will be affected financially may seem difficult to conclude, but there are legal professionals who may be able to help parties when it comes to support amounts and other factors.

Preparing for divorce may benefit Washington residents

When a new year rolls around, many Washington residents consider it a time of new beginnings. As a result, some parties may feel the need to take certain steps in an attempt to have a fresh start. Though some New Year's resolutions may be considered mild, there are others, such as filing for divorce, that could have a substantial impact on an individual's life.

Washington residents may wish to appeal property division rulings

Many individuals may become attached to certain possessions over the years. Some assets may hold sentimental value because they were gifts or were otherwise meaningful to a particular individual. On the other hand, individuals may wish to hold on to property that has monetary value. Whatever the case, property division during divorce could put Washington residents on edge as it is determined which individual may be entitled to what property.

Divorce could cause custody concerns for same-sex couples

When same-sex couples have children, they may be elated over the opportunity to start a family. In many cases in which two women are married, one woman will carry a child after becoming pregnant through the use of sperm donors or other means. However, if a couple goes through divorce, complications could arise concerning the custody of any children involved. 

Retirement funds may be concern of Washington property division

Retirement accounts are beneficial to many Washington residents later in life. However, if they are going through divorce, they may wonder how these accounts could be affected. During the property division process, the type of retirement accounts involved -- as well applicable laws and other details -- will likely play a role in their potential for division.

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