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Consult with financial, legal experts on divorce-related financial matters

Divorce can be a frustrating process financially speaking, as some of our readers may know from experience. Not only is there the stress of the extra expenses associated with the breakup of a marriage, there are also the costs of divorce itself and the division of assets and liabilities. In the midst of all there, there are also taxes that need to be paid.

Sorting out tax matters related to divorce can be complicated, and it is important for couples to work not only with an experienced attorney, but also financial planners, Certified Public Accountants and other professionals who can help sort out money matters before and after divorce.

One of the points couples have to consider before divorce has actually been finalized is whether they will file taxes jointly or separately. Obviously, there are financial benefits to filing jointly, but there are also usually good reasons not to file jointly. Filing tax jointly put both spouses on the hook for any tax-related wrongdoing of the other spouse, and while there are potential remedies for spouses who were unaware of the wrongdoing, it can be a headache to sort out.

Couples for whom one or both parties have a history of hiding financial information, or in which there is a suspicion about the possibility, are likely better off filing separately, but it Is important to consult with financial experts to get a full understanding of the situation before moving ahead with a decision. Sorting this and other financial matters out isn’t always straightforward, and expert guidance is invaluable.