Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Children, money among the most important issues dealt with in divorce

In divorce, it is important to work with an experienced advocate who understands your specific needs and who will advocate for your interests rather than simply push you through the process and resolve the case as quickly as possible. A zealous advocate will be sure to approach a case with care and attention to the concerns, interests and goals of his or her client.

While each couple who seeks out divorce is unique in the specific circumstances that lead them to that decision, there are certain common issues that come up and certain matters that have to be dealt with. Some of these issues, such as happiness and love, are more subjective and don’t deal directly with the law but with the human heart. Other issues, such as property division and children, are very much tied up with the law.

According to a recent article by the Institute of Family Studies, couples are typically very much interested in and concerned about how their children will handle the impact of divorce. Custody, of course, is a very important matter that has to be resolved in the divorce process, and couples can become deeply divided over how to handle the care of children after divorce. Because of the potential divisiveness of the issue, and because of the discretion judges have in determining custody and visitation, an experienced advocate is indispensable.

Likewise, dividing assets and debts is also a very important issue for most couples in divorce. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you own a lot off assets, either. Couples who have significant assets do have a great need of advocacy to ensure marital assets are fairly divided, but couples with more modest wealth, or even little wealth, also have need of advocacy to ensure their interests are represented in the divorce process.