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On women and financial disadvantages after divorce, P.2

In our last post, we looked briefly at an article which highlighted the financial challenges faced by women after divorce and the need for divorcing women to work with an experienced advocate to ensure they are not disadvantaged in the divorce process. A zealous divorce attorney can work to make sure that the interests of a financially disadvantaged party receive the attention they deserve.

At the same time, effective advocacy for a financially disadvantaged party must also be practical, and this involves not dragging a dispute on longer than it should reasonably be pursued. For any couple pursuing divorce, there is the need to control costs fighting over financial matters. This can be particularly challenging in contentious divorces. 

Sorting out financial matters in divorce and seeking that to which one is entitled is critical to achieving a fair result, of course, but parties also need to be realistic about what they can walk away with and how much time and money they can reasonably devote to their interests. Effective advocacy in divorce must, therefore, balance the need to advocate for the needs and interests of a financially disadvantaged party and the need to resolve disputes over financial matters as quickly as possible without unduly compromising those interests.

For women who are preparing for marriage, and women who are contemplating divorce, it is worth it to engage in thorough preparation with an experienced advocate. Doing so ensures that they are prepared to put their best foot forward in court and that they have a game plan for navigating their case.