Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Self-care is important for divorced parents during the holidays

If you are a divorced parent who enjoys taking an active part in your child’s life, sharing time in a joint-custody arrangement can be a challenge. You no longer have the option of just walking into his or her room anytime for a chat or to help with homework. And you may even feel a void and wonder what to do with yourself now that you are under such limitations.

Well, since the matter is out of your hands, you may as well try to find a positive way to spend your time when the other parent has custody. To this end, practicing some self-care is a good idea. You can reach out to friends and spend more time with them. Or you may want to start some physical activity; exercise is good for you both physically and mentally.

Watching the clock waiting for the moment you can be with your child again is not only unproductive, but it could also make you jealous or resentful when your ex has custody. But spending time with other adults can help make you emotionally stronger and even better able to cope with the frustrations of dealing with your ex.

But as we mentioned, it is important that the custody schedule is maintained and that both you and your ex uphold your responsibilities. If your ex is not adhering to the schedule and is even preventing you from having your share of time with your child, you should consider discussing the issue with a family law attorney. The attorney could help you find the best solution to the problem, which could possibly include seeking the intervention of the family court.