Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Mediation: a more amicable choice for your divorce

Not every Washington couple that makes the decision to divorce will do so acrimoniously. Some divorces can be quite amicable, and when two parties are able to cooperate, the ability to work together can save quite a bit of time and money. If you wish to avoid the cost and stress of litigation, consider the many benefits to employing mediation to resolve disputes.

What is mediation?

In many family law cases in Snohomish County, mediation is actually required, and it is beneficial to know how this process works. Consider the following facts about mediation:

  • Mediation requires a neutral third party to facilitate the process.
  • The mediator does not suggest solutions, but may suggest ways to move negotiations and conversations forward.
  • Mediation allows you to have more control over the outcome of your divorce settlement.

Even during the mediation process, your lawyer can provide knowledgeable guidance and protection of your rights.

Keep control over your future

Mediation may be a requirement for most cases, but that does not mean that every divorce reaches finalization this way. If the mediation process breaks down, and it becomes evident that further conversations are not possible, the case will move to family law court.

While the intention of every family law court is to reach a fair settlement and protect the best interests of your children, the court does not know your family and your situation as you do. One of the many benefits of mediation is that you can custom tailor your divorce agreement through negotiations, allowing you to reach a final settlement that is as unique as your family. Issues that can be resolved through mediation include:

  • Unique parenting schedule for non-traditional work schedules
  • Legal and physical custody of the children
  • Unusual requests for property division
  • Distribution of marital assets and debt
  • Spousal and child support
  • Any special circumstances that should be considered for a sustainable divorce agreement

Through this process, it is more likely that you will reach an agreement that is workable and beneficial for every member of the family.

Amicable solutions to difficult problems

Divorce is a difficult process, and despite the best intentions, it can be hard to keep emotions in check in order to make smart decisions about the future. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse do not have to get along or like each other in order to make mediation work. All that is essential is a commitment to using open communication and cooperative negotiation to reach a solution that is less expensive and better for both of you.