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Collectibles may be a significant value in a property settlement

When you are going through a divorce, you have myriad issues with which to contend. But property division may be the most complicated single issue to resolve, especially if you are looking at divvying up a substantial amount of wealth. And while you will no doubt spend a great deal of time focusing on such high-value items as your home, automobiles, retirement funds and stock portfolio, there are other items that you don’t want to overlook.

For example, perhaps your household contains collectible items, such as stamps, coins or antiques. These are the kinds of things that could be more valuable than you realize. You may even want to have them appraised to get an accurate estimate of their worth. Even sports memorabilia, comic books, record albums and other such collectibles can fetch a healthy price in the marketplace.

Collectibles are just one example of things that can be missed when working on property division. Taken individually, these kinds of items may not be that valuable, but when you start to add them together, you will likely see that their total worth is quite substantial. As such, it is important to make sure that every asset that is eligible for division is included as part of your settlement negotiations.

An experienced property division attorney can help make sure that when it comes time to divide your marital assets you will have the opportunity to receive an appropriate settlement. The attorney can help you do a thorough inventory of your property and also hold your spouse accountable for presenting an accurate picture of his or her assets.