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The controversial rise of #divorceselfies

Perhaps you can thank the maturity and generous nature of some celebrities who completed their divorce proceedings with dignity and moved forward gracefully, maintaining a profound friendship, at least in the public eye. The press publishes photos of the recently divorced couples sharing holidays and vacations with their children and seeming to enjoy each other’s company like they never did when married.

This may seem like an ideal situation, and some analysts believe it indicates a departure from traditional marriage values to a new definition of family. Whether you agree with this or not, you may find the new trend compelling.


Recently, couples across the country have taken to publishing divorce selfies. These pictures often involve triumphant poses, couples showing their ringless hands, holding up signed divorce documents or sharing a celebratory drink as they toast the dissolution of their marriages. If you have seen these posts, you may have noticed some common themes in the captions:

  • Couples look forward to co-parenting without the burden of marriage.
  • Couples insist their children will never have to choose one parent over the other.
  • Couples recognized their romance had ended but their friendship endured.
  • Couples are grateful for the marriages they had.
  • Couples are optimistic about their separate futures.

Some newly divorced couples also plan to continue living together and raising their children under the same roof. Pundits believe this may be the divorce of the future, where a marriage comes to a natural end, but the family remains essentially intact.

Of course, not everyone agrees that this trend is as wonderful as the divorce selfies profess. Proponents of traditional marriage rebuke the selfie-posters saying that divorce is nothing to be proud of or to celebrate. However, the divorced couples defend their choices.

Tagging someone to help you through

Unfortunately, not every marriage ends so peacefully, with former spouses continuing as friends, grateful for the time they shared. If your marriage is ending but you suspect there will be no beaming selfie in your future, you probably have concerns about protecting your assets and defending your rights moving forward.

Enlisting the aid of a family law attorney in Washington may be in your best interests. An attorney will gain an understanding of your unique situation and guide you toward decisions that may enhance the positives and overcome the negatives. Whether your divorce is contested or amicable, your attorney will offer options to help resolve any issues and allow you to move forward with as much dignity and security as possible.