Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

Signs you are heading for divorce

You may not want to admit that your marriage is over, ignoring signs or trying to revive the relationship without success. In any case, attempting to fix something that is beyond repair will only leave you feeling upset. Sometimes, a marriage is ready to end.

Knowing that your marriage is over can make it much easier to take the next steps and file for a divorce. Woman’s Day explains the signs that a divorce is in your future.

You are the only one working on things

Perhaps you have been trying to work on your relationship, but your partner has not been trying at all. That could be a sign that your partner is ready to walk away. You both need to be willing to work at the marriage for it to be viable.

You lack interest

On the other hand, you may be the one who is at the point where you know you have issues, but you do not care to work on them anymore. This may also be a sign that the relationship is over. Things will not get better on their own. When you no longer want to put in the effort to make things better, it is time to walk away.

You resent each other

If every conversation between you and your spouse ends in an argument, then your issues likely run much deeper than the initial topics of those discussions. Resentment can creep in and make it tough to have any constructive communication. Once you begin to resent each other, moving past it may be difficult.

You can see your life alone

You may be imagining what your life would be like if you were no longer married. It may not even upset you to think of your life without your spouse in it. In this case, you have probably already begun to move on. When your heart is no longer in the relationship, it is probably best for both of you to end things.