Mediating Conflict,
Embracing Peace

3 red flags that might indicate your marriage is in peril

Marriage is an institution meant to permanently bind two people together. In reality, particularly in today’s day and age, it often turns out more temporary in nature.

The last decade has seen a drop in both marriage and divorce rates in the U.S., but the breaking of legal unions still occurs. If you are experiencing doubts about the stability of yours lately, there are some signs that may confirm your worries.

1. Your partner is increasingly critical

A major warning is the development of an intensely critical attitude towards you. If your significant other is suddenly nit-picking at and criticizing everything you do or feels the need to make smart comments at every word out of your mouth, something is wrong. This is not the same as constructive feedback — instead, you feel as if no action you take is right. You may even find yourself questioning every move for fear of your partner’s negative reaction.

2. The respect is gone

If your spouse no longer speaks peaceably with you and frequently shows disdain and lack of consideration. it may also be indicative of a divide in your marriage. Without respect, a pairing is not likely to survive. Contempt and condescension in your interactions may tell you that your partner no longer regards you in the same light.

3. Silence is prevalent when you are together

This refers to abnormal, awkward silence, not contented quiet. It may be a manifestation of growing distance or an inability to relate to each other as much as you used to.

While these may indicate the breakdown of your relationship, they do not necessarily always do so. If you notice them, there may still be time to address any problems. They are possible signals divorce is nigh, not imminent doom markers.