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5 signs that you’re heading for a divorce

When two people get married, it’s rare for anyone to think that they might get a divorce. It’s upsetting to think about at the time, but as your relationship grows and changes, you may find that a divorce is actually a possibility.

Usually, there is trouble long before a divorce happens. Do you know the signs of a marriage in troubled water? Here are five signs to watch out for.

5 signs that a divorce is on the horizon

Here are five signs that a divorce may be looming.

  1. Addiction

When one partner (or both) have an addiction, it’s often trouble for the relationship. Why? They may put the addiction before the relationship. Sometimes, addictions can also lead to emotional, financial or physical abuse.

  1. A lack of communication

Another issue is a lack of communication. If you and your spouse can’t communicate, then that could hurt your relationship significantly. Not attempting to communicate with one another may be a sign that the end is near.

  1. Working too much

Burying yourself in work, or noticing that your spouse is doing the same, could be a sign of trouble in your relationship. If you prefer working over being with your spouse, then divorce could be coming.

  1. Criticism

It’s normal to be critical of others to some extent, but if you’re seeking perfection from your partner, then it’s time to reassess your relationship. The same is true if they are being overly critical of you.

  1. Inequality in the relationship

Finally, if you and your spouse aren’t equals in your relationship or you feel that you’re putting in much more effort than they are, your marriage could be on the way to its end. Relationships do take work, and both parties have to be invested.

These are five signs that your marriage may be heading towards a divorce. If you’re thinking about a divorce and how it may affect you, it may be worth looking into your legal options as well as the laws that could affect your case. You should take the time to assess if you want to remain in this relationship and work through the issues or if you’d like to walk away. Knowing more about how the divorce could affect you may influence your decision.