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Embracing Peace

2 big reasons gray divorces can be emotionally challenging

Marriages that span decades are often thought to be infallible. While many marriages that last this long will continue on, some simply aren’t working. If you’re over 50 years of age and contemplating a “gray divorce,” make sure that you consider all of the potential challenges ahead.

For many, the financial consequences are the major focus of a gray divorce. After all, couples who planned to share their nest eggs for retirement may have to make major adjustments once the assets are divided. While that can be challenging, many older divorced people find the emotional consequences of their divorce to be harder to handle. Two of the main reasons are listed below.

The loss of a constant companion

Knowing that you can come home to your spouse to share the news of the day might not have been something you thought about often when you were married. When you’re married, you also have someone on hand with whom you can share your time, dine out, watch a movie and do other, ordinary things. Now that you’re going through a divorce, that lack of companionship at home might have you feeling a bit down. 

The changes in your social circle

The change in your social circle might be something you didn’t expect. You may find that some activities you enjoyed when you were married aren’t as enjoyable now. Some of the people you thought that you’d have by your side might fade out. This might be partly because your friends don’t know how to address your divorce. Some may feel conflicted or like they must “choose sides.” Looking for new activities and finding a social circle you’re comfortable with might help you to feel better. 

Having a divorce team that understands your divorce goals may help to ease your mind some. Talk to a law firm that tells you what you need to hear about your options, not necessarily what you want to hear. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for complex family legal situations.